Jummah Reflection: Atoms and Stars

Jummah Reflection: Atoms and Stars

Jummah Mubarak, Shabbat Shalom & TGIF.

This week I am thinking about the balance we must each strike between standing out in a leadership capacity while still remaining part of the fabric of humanity, and acknowledging how unextraordinary each of us really are in the eternal stream of things.

The best leaders are those who never lose sight of their own humanity, and who recognize that it isn’t by virtue of their own exceptionalism that they are in a leadership position. Leaders are often in their positions through a series of events and personal developments…and through training, luck, and hard work.

But *each of us* has the capacity to lead. Each of us should be striving to lead in our own way, and for the things that matter deeply to us. No one else’s cause or issue or leadership style is more important than yours. We diminish our own cause when we start trying to rank it above others’.

The universe doesn’t operate on a strict hierarchy. How can you choose which is more important between atoms and stars? The validity of each person’s calling should never be diminished or denied.

Your calling is uniquely your own, and you should never fail to push for the resources, support and guidance you need to make sure you’re fulfilling it. Never feel guilty for insisting on what you need to meet your purpose. Don’t let others tell you that your purpose is not important, or that there’s not enough to go around. That you have to wait your turn, or that you don’t have the capacity to do what you are called to do.

There is plenty of time, money, energy and moral support to do what needs to be done. Sometimes, you just need to ask for it. Sometimes, you just need to insist on it.
Today I’m praying for the bright stars that I see all over the world, all over my country–and all over my city. Those who are trying their best where they are with what they have–while fighting off despair. I’m praying for leaders of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds who get up each day and re-commit to their causes. Those who want the best for everyone; who pray and cry and sweat and think until they are wrung out and exhausted from the effort. I’m praying for you, dear ones. Never doubt that you are lighting our way.
What’s on your mind today?