I’ve got some feelings.

Feelings that I don’t want to argue about or debate. I just want to share. Feel free to share your feelings, too.

1. I am feeling betrayed by both Democratic and Republican political leadership for being so absorbed in the game that they failed to recognize and take action against real threats to our country.

2. I am feeling furious at the partisan cheerleaders on both sides who, after seeing where their strategies have landed us, seem to have only doubled down on the rhetoric they’ve been spewing at us all year.

3. I am feeling helpless and disgusted by the tsunami of willful ignorance fed by strategically placed lies that makes rational discussion literally impossible right now.

4. I am feeling panicked because I’m pretty sure it’s too late to do anything now.

5. I’m feeling sickened by the people who are so happy the other side lost they don’t see how badly we are ALL about to get screwed.

6. I’m feeling worried that the things that make this country great are going to be dismantled by people that don’t value them, and want to make money from the wreckage.

7. I’m feeling desolate about the fact that America is now impotent to help Syrians or any other people who are suffering because we can’t even get our own country to run right now.

8. I’m feeling nihilistic about my 401k.

9. I’m feeling hate for the White Nationalist movement. A hate which is unfamiliar to me and makes me not like myself.

10. I’m feeling angry at smart people who don’t know what the fuck to do, but keep trying to make themselves feel better by posturing with all kinds of bullshit online.

11. I’m feeling disgusted by simplistic explanations and responses to our political and social crises that fail to take into account the entire picture.

12. I’m feeling disenfranchised by American liberals who flat out refuse to see the role they have played in this mess.

13. I’m feeling anxious and worried about my family and America’s Muslims who are going to suffer tremendously the moment another terrorist attack takes place in this country.

14. I’m feeling momentary rushes of hope and power, that are barely keeping me hanging on.

15. I’m feeling like I need to plan for the worst.

16. I’m feeling that I don’t belong anywhere. That the people I thought I could trust and respect don’t actually want what’s best for everyone like I do.

17. I’m feeling tired because my brain won’t stop working.

18. I’m feeling guilty because I’m ignoring my body’s basic needs.

19. I’m feeling sad because I don’t think America can recover at this point, regardless of what happens.

20. I’m feeling alone. Really very alone.

I’m not interested in debating any of this. Feel free to share your feelings, but don’t even think about dismissing or challenging mine.