Jummah Reflection: Pluralism, Diversity are Hard.

Jummah Reflection: Pluralism, Diversity are Hard.

Jummah Mubarak, Shabbat Shalom & TGIF!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about pluralism.

We all love the idea of pluralism… of a beautiful, diverse world where people live in harmony and find ways to overcome differences for the greater good.

But living in a pluralistic society is hard work because it requires living with perpetual discomfort and challenges to our egos and ideals. It’s a process of ongoing negotiation and compromise.

There is no such thing as ‘set it and forget it’ pluralism.

Freedom isn’t easy. Living in a society dedicated to freedom for ALL people is not ever going to be comfortable. It’s often painful and ugly and disturbing.

It’s true that total freedom is anarchy. But the more limits we place on freedom, the slower our progress as a species will be. This is the dance between liberal and conservative values, between practical and theoretical ideas, between individual and collective good.

You can’t ‘kill’ ideas. You can’t force evolution of spirit. You can’t pelt ignorance with facts when the ignorance is rooted in emotion.

The primary work that needs to be done isn’t ‘out there’. It’s within each and every one of us. It’s about recognizing that others’ moral frames and ideologies may be diametrically opposed to our own, but we still have to find space for them and meet people where they are if we really want to affect change and enable humanity to evolve.

I think we’re up to that challenge, don’t you?