Jummah Reflection: Celebrate Renewal

Jummah Reflection: Celebrate Renewal

Jummah Mubarak, Shabbat Shalom & Good Friday to you all. <3

There is no better time to fall in love with The Divine than during the springtime!

The Qur’an repeatedly tells us that we can know God and derive great lessons by observing Creation.

{Say: “Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation; so will Allah produce a later creation: for Allah has power over all things.} (HQ 29:20)

Right now the miracle of ‘resurrection’ becomes commonplace as the earth is decorated by renewed life. The sights, sounds, colors and scents of springtime are intoxicating, aren’t they?

As I reflect on the meaning of these sweet, fresh days and consider the traditions of my Jewish and Christian friends this week, I think about billions of people who came before us.

Passover and Easter have both been celebrated (in some form) for thousands of years. The people who have carried on these traditions looked forward to them each year with the same anticipation and joy that we do.

The vast majority of people who celebrated these holy days throughout history are forgotten. But these celebrations live on.

Like cherry blossoms or wildflowers – we humans bloom and live out our brief, glorious lives convinced that we are the most special things in all creation.

But even the most perfect flower doesn’t live forever. The time we have here is brief…but beautiful.

The universe, and everything in it runs in cycles.
The one constant is change.

The celebrations that we have as people of faith are part of the cycle of renewal. When we participate in our holidays we are resurrecting our traditions every year, and passing them on to future generations; so that even when we are gone, our devotion for The One lives on.

Bloom, dear ones. With all your might. Revel in the beauty of what you are in this world.

Don’t fear the changes that will come. Don’t waste your time trying to prolong the seasons. Don’t try to be something that you’re not. You are exactly where you should be.

Now, you know what to do: