Jummah Reflection:  Your Attention Please

Jummah Reflection: Your Attention Please

I used to believe (and have often stated) that the only thing we have any real control over is how we choose to respond to any given circumstance.

But this week I realized there’s one more thing we have absolute control over: our attention, and specifically, where we choose to focus it.

Now, this isn’t some New Age Law of Attraction thing I’m talking about. This is about a very practical way of looking at our own resources and determining our priorities.

Our assets include money, time, energy, focus, creativity and health. Each of us only has so much of each of these, and in different amounts. So when we allow media, obnoxious people, oppressive people, bigots, haters, etc. to suck away our focus and our time and our energy – we are allowing THEM to dictate the way we spend our assets.

Assets that could be used to do good. To help people. To improve ourselves. To build a better way for the rest of us.

Again, this isn’t about forcing positivity and pretending that the evils of the world don’t exist or that there are bad people out there who want to do us harm. We must always be aware of those things, monitoring them in a detached way that allows us to safeguard ourselves and the ones we love.

But they don’t get our time.
They don’t get our energy.
They don’t get our focus.

These precious gifts are for the people that really need them.

The most powerful, productive and world-changing people and organizations are those who have chosen to focus more on doing good, not fighting what is bad.

I invite you to check out these individuals and organizations that I stand with, stand by & support — organizations that are proactively building a better world for the rest of us; and that acknowledge the darkness, but walk in the light. I’ll ask you to support them with your donations, pray for their success and get involved with them in whatever capacity you can:

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

Circle of Health International

HOPE for Senegal

Amaanah Refugee Services

Got any other suggestions for great organizations that are actively doing good? Post ’em in the comments please!

<3 Have a great weekend.