Why American Muslims Need Social Media | AltMuslimah

In California, a community clinic founded by Muslims and based on Islamic values is providing free healthcare to anyone who needs it. In Dallas, the first Muslim-founded shelter for domestic abuse survivors is providing first-class care to central Texas women of all faiths. In Florida, an organization that provides civic and legislative advocacy training to young leaders is preparing a new generation of Muslims to represent our interests in the American political process.

These are but three examples of the hundreds of amazing initiatives founded and run by Muslims in the U.S. Add to that the independent Muslim social workers and businesspeople who are diligently making their corner of the country a better place with each passing year, and it’s hard to deny that Muslims are among the most valuable members of our society. Yet the majority of Americans are still unaware of the great work being done by Muslims across the country; work that often benefits all Americans regardless of their faith traditions.

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