Hello and welcome to my personal website and blog. My name is Amanda Quraishi, but you can call me Q.

I’m a technologist; educator; writer; podcaster; digital humanist; passionate advocate for digital privacy and First Amendment Rights; champion for digital civics; and a fine, upstanding citizen of Austin, Texas.

As a digital creative, I am fascinated with the intersection of humanity and technology; and I believe the most interesting and beautiful things in the world happen when people are able to following their creative impulses without having to worry about catering to public opinion.

My work in digital civic culture is to help people use digital mediums to enhance their humanity; connect with others in healthy, productive ways; and build communities that bridge online and offline spaces.

If you and I have similar interests, I’d love to connect.


IDCC is an experiential adult learning program for civic and religious leaders working online.

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Unpolished, heart-felt, and full of meanderings and musings. A true blog.

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