Get Happy

The sunken cost fallacy doesn’t just apply to material or financial decisions. It applies to relationships, communities, jobs, ideologies, whatever.

If you’re really struggling and haven’t been happy for a long time; and you’ve tried all kinds of things to make it work, but you’re not getting anywhere — it may be time to move on.

No matter how long you’ve been at it.

It’s not ‘defeat’ to find a place or a person or an idea that resonates with you WITHOUT you having to constantly struggle to make it work.

I’m not advocating taking the easy road — or being a flake and jumping around from place/person to place/person. What I’m saying is — it doesn’t have to be hard. It shouldn’t be hard ALL the time.

The ‘warrior’ rhetoric used in almost all our narratives makes us think that if we’re not fighting, struggling or stuck — then we’re not doing the right thing. That because the world is so terrible, good people have to be exhausted and frustrated and angry and ready to throw down all the time. It’s bullshit.

I say this as someone who gave up on some huge things in 2021. Things I had invested years — decades! — into.

I have never been happier or more enthusiastic about my life than I am now.

You’re not ‘losing’ if you leave something that isn’t making you truly happy.

And none of this — ‘I would be happy here if it weren’t for the people’ nonsense, please.

People are part of everything. You can’t love a career/job, religion, political ideology — whatever — without accepting the people and culture that make it up. If you don’t like the people who comprise your environment, then you don’t like your environment.

It’s a big, beautiful world out there.

Go. Get yourself some happy.

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