Jane Q. Public podQast | S3E3 | Rachel Heseltine

In this episode of The Jane Q. Public podQast, Q talks with her longtime internet colleague and digital marketing guru Rachel Heseltine. They discuss Rachel’s Micronation Nobility; grouse in a decidedly Gen X way about other generations; and discuss what it’s like to be a trans woman making her way in the world – online and off.

Find Rachel online:
Twitter (@YorkshireBorn)


Rachel Heseltine is the VP of Consumer Growth at Trader Interactive in Norfolk, VA. Her award winning team is responsible for all traffic channels for industry leading sites such as Cycle Trader and Commercial Truck Trader.

Rachel has led award winning teams at ForRent (2017) and AOL (2014), also working in-house at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and for several years on the agency side.

Rachel taught digital marketing for 5 years at Georgetown University, and was on the board of SEMPO for 4 years, 2 as VP of Education.

Rachel is a frequent speaker / trainer / moderator at conferences around the world on a variety of online marketing topics. She has a BA (Hons) from the University of Humberside (England), and a Masters in IT from Virginia Tech

Rachel is the Duchess of Simonskorg (Ladonia). and a Dame of the Order of the Polar Cross (West Arctica) – both micronations.

Rachel is a former improv / sketch comedy performer and currently writes poetry as an outlet.

This Labor day will be the 30th anniversary of Rachel’s move to the US from the UK.


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