Everyone Prays: Celebrating Faith Around the World | Book Review

praysEveryone Prays:  Celebrating Faith Around the World (Wisdom Tales Press)

By Alexis York Lumbard

Illustrated by Alireza Sadeghian

Granted, not everyone does pray–but the point of this beautiful children’s book isn’t to delve into the spectrum of belief /non-belief. Rather, this is a great book for young readers (ages 4-8) who may not yet have been exposed to religious practices other than their own.

Using simple words and rich, colorful illustrations, Everyone Prays: Celebrating Faith Around the World  touches on one aspect of worship that manifests in unique ways across the world’s religions:  prayer.

Rather than just focusing on the three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), Lumbard also includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Shintoism and even touches on Native American prayer.  Illustrations of the various worship spaces, attire, and postures used in these different faith traditions give a lovely overview of the diversity of practice around the world.  The appendix has additional information on these world religions that older children and even adults can benefit from.

As the U.S. becomes increasingly more pluralistic, we are only doing our children a favor to help them understand and respect others’ beliefs from an early age.  Everyone Prays is a wonderful addition to any library, and can be referred to throughout the year as families learn about various holidays and customs that arise on the calendar.