Muhammad: The Messenger of God | Book Review

muhammad-the-messenger-of-godProphet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is one of the most compelling figures in world history. Not only is the the Messenger of Faith for almost 2 billion Muslims, he is an historical figure admired and studied by people from all walks of life. While many people (myself included) have learned Islam by reading the Qur’an, they fall in love with Islam by reading about the life of the Prophet.

Which is why I was thrilled to receive a copy of M. Fethullah Gulan’s book The Messenger of God: Muhammad¬†as a gift from my friends at the local Turkish cultural center.

I’ve read several books on the life of Muhammad in the past sixteen years. Some were academic, and some were inspirational. This particular book is written as a thoughtful and reflective series of accounts starting with Muhammad’s childhood and following him through until the very last moments. It is written in an easy-to-understand narrative with ample references from the Qur’an and Hadith, suitable for people of all ages. Muslim audiences will recognize many of these stories and find them comforting, although the thoroughness of the book may even surprise adults who have been Muslim their entire lives. Non-Muslim readers will have a powerful introduction to the person that was Muhammad, but also an understanding of the historical context and culture from which the revelation of the Qur’an sprang.

To encourage readership, a contest is being held at It’s open to everyone in the United States and Canada. The contest involves registering for an online test (deadline to register is April 16). There are some pretty fabulous prizes that will be awarded to winners, including 33 trips to Umrah.

I look forward to reading this book with the rest of my family over the next few weeks, and sincerely hope that Muslim writers will continue to publish books like this which share the beauty and wisdom of Islam in a way that is accessible to western readers.