Celebrate With Me | #QRAOK | 3.9.16

Random Acts of Kindness Day (1)

I believe in Random Acts of Kindness. I think they are the simplest, easiest way to make the world a better place. They are within the ability of every single man, woman and child to perform at will, and can often change the entire trajectory of another person’s day… and sometimes, even their entire lives.
That’s why I’m celebrating my birthday this year by performing Random Acts of Kindness. And I want to invite you to participate. In fact, I’m asking you to participate because it will make me really, really happy. Consider this a birthday wish.
What does it mean to perform Random Acts of Kindness? It means looking for opportunities to do nice things for people you may or may not know. It means having a mindset of kindness so that everywhere you look, opportunities to do and say things to others jump out at you. Examples of Random Acts of Kindness are:
  • Compliment a stranger on their shoes.
  • Buy a stack of bus passes and leave them at bus stops with a nice note.
  • Email a favorite writer/blogger and thank them for a piece that resonated with you.
  • Buy a bunch of flowers and hand them out to random people throughout the day.
  • Tell the manager at the restaurant/store how much you appreciate the service you got that day by a specific server or clerk.
  • Make some cookies and take a plate to your neighbor.
  • Buy coffee for the person behind you at the coffee shop.
The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your inspiration/imagination. But I sincerely hope you’ll join me on March 9 and perform at least one random act of kindness – and share it with me on Facebook or Twitter. It’s not about solving the “Big Problems of the Planet.” It’s about reminding ourselves, and others, that we are all in this together – and a little love and kindness can make all the difference in the world.
Mark your calendars! March 9, 2016: Celebrate Q’s 42nd Birthday with Random Acts of Kindness!