Faithfully Feminist: Jewish, Christian & Muslim Feminists on Why We Stay

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“One after another these Faithful Feminists from Abrahamic traditions tell of their journey through bias and discrimination to clarity and peace. The struggle can come within religious traditions or in secular settings, but all lead to a fuller understanding of fidelity in a complex world. In their telling many of their stories mirror and nourish my own. I am grateful for their bold willingness to share their insights and stimulate my reflection giving rise to the certainty that we are all sisters in this quest. Thank you!” – Sister Simone Campbell

“What a brave and powerful examination of observance and empowerment; of living within boundaries and embracing the possibilities they reveal. The importance of appreciating the challenges and simultaneous beauty of living inside of a system of observance cannot be overemphasized. This compilation does all of that and more.” – Mayim Bialik