#GiveHope1000 | Give to Empower


I believe that an essential part of being human is having work that gives you a sense of pride and purpose. Which is why I am always willing to support initiatives that empower people; especially those who may not have access to the support and resources they need to create their own opportunities.

The non-profit organization EquallyAble has been working with disabled people around the world for years. Through their programs, EquallyAble helps disabled individuals gain access and acquire the tools, training and funding they need to support themselves.

Now through May 1 we are promoting a campaign called #GiveHope1000 that will help 1000 disabled individuals start 1000 small businesses that will sustain them and their families:

Please join me in sharing and supporting the #GiveHope1000 campaign today. Any amount will go toward making the dream of entrepreneurship for 1000 people a reality. Give to Empower.