How About Keep Your Politics Out of My Religion?

How About Keep Your Politics Out of My Religion?

I believe in the importance of Freedom of Religion – and the right to live your life according to the beliefs you have about who, or what The Divine might be. I respect the rights of each of my fellow citizens, even when they are not based in *my* religious beliefs; and even when I disagree with their choices.

Which is why it offends me that some political and social issues have been held up to the exclusion of all others by religious groups that are clearly using them for political purposes. The hijacking of religion by politics offends me just as much as the hijacking of politics by religion.

This piece by Jenifer Sarver titled, How Can You Be a Pro-Life Christian Who Supports Hillary Clinton? Here’s required reading for anyone in America who claims to have faith–regardless of who you vote for and whether or not you believe abortion is ok. This piece illustrates how important it is for people of faith to look at our world, our society, our government through the ENTIRE, polished lens of our belief systems.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism – they cannot be boiled down into ONE ISSUE. And anyone who wants to tell you that you can’t be a good _______ if you don’t sign on to a single political or social view is a liar and a manipulator; and they don’t respect you and your ability to make decisions based on YOUR relationship with God.

The practical application of our beliefs, when translated into real-world government and policy, must take into consideration more than just black-and-white dogma and a propagandized stance on one or two issues. That is our right, our duty, and our obligation as citizens.