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Better Online Engagement is Possible.

The IDCC trains and educates individuals and communities to effectively bring both subject-matter expertise and emotional intelligence to digital spaces; offering the knowledge, training and support required to bridge online and offline efforts to impact the world for good.


Writing, public speaking, and engaging with individuals online and off – The IDCC creates, gathers and disseminates information and resources for those building a healthy, thriving digital civic culture.


On-Site Workshops

Full and half-day workshops based on the IDCC theory of change and three core competencies, tailored to the specific needs of each group help every member of your team define and own their online leadreship role.


Topical 1-hour webinars provide short, inspirational learning opportunities for organizations and communities that are looking for specific tools to support their work online.


Extended training opportunities for individuals, communities and organizations provide the most personalized and in-depth learning experience in mastering online leadership competencies and connecting these skills to offline impact.

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