Jummah Reflection: I Love You.

Jummah Reflection: I Love You.

Jummah Mubarak, Shabbat Shalom & TGIF.

Have you ever been in love? I mean real love. Not just the kind that we make movies about. The kind that transcends and envelopes and overwhelms all senses? The kind of love that pushes you to take risks, and makes you a better person simply by having experienced it?

Have you ever known the exquisite frustration of being unable to express the quality and quantity of your love to the one with whom you desire to become a part? Of lacking the means to articulate the expansiveness of feeling that drives and overwhelms you to a point near obsession?

Do you know the agonizing sweetness of wanting to be at one with someone else in every way, while simultaneously exploring each and every difference between you in the manner of discovering another world?

Do you know how it feels to know that you will never be enough to satisfy all of the needs, desires and dreams of the object of your love?

Do you know how it feels to have your love unrecognized despite it filling you up to the very top of your head and spilling out like a fountain, running all over the ground around your feet?

There are days like today when I drive to work sobbing because I am so in love with humanity.

My deepest frustration is my inability to fully express it in a way that you can truly understand.

I see so much beauty in us–in our mere existence. I savor the differences between us, while wanting to lose myself in our collective experience. I’m intoxicated by our art, thrilled by our science and enslaved by hope in our potential.

Whenever I’m overcome by the realization of my love for you, it is quickly followed by a sense of self-loathing because I know I am of so little use to us. I want you to love me as much as I love you. I want you to love one another as much as I love you.

Perhaps my one and only contribution during these few years with you is to bear witness to all we are, and all we can be.

If that is the case, then let it be. I will live out my days, enslaved by my love for you — for us — and doing what I can with what little I have to remind you how wonderful you are.

My love is unlimited, free and pure. My love is for you.