On the Recent Uptick of Online Hate Toward Muslims

On the Recent Uptick of Online Hate Toward Muslims

I’ve spent the last week on the internet dealing with increased hate and vitriol toward Muslims.

Let me be clear:

I am an excellent human being. I work hard at it. (This wasn’t always so!) One of the things that makes me an excellent person is my religion. Islam. The second largest religion on earth with almost 2 billion followers spanning hundreds of nations, cultures and ethnicities. A religious tradition respected by our Founding Fathers, with a rich and noble history that encompasses sublime literature, art, poetry and scientific advances.

I’m a Muslim. BY CHOICE. I chose Islam because it revealed itself to me when I was earnestly seeking truth. Because I saw value in having a direct connection to The One. Because it gave me what I needed to become a better person.

But I’m not special. This is what it means to be a Muslim.

Now, you may choose to look at someone doing evil in the name of my religion and you may choose to believe that they represent the fundamental teaching and practice of my religion. But in so doing you are choosing to ignore everything I am–and everything that the majority of the Muslims in America and around the world believe.

Know this: you are wrong. You are spreading lies and slander against good, godly and innocent people. And you will be judged for it — if not now, then later. By history. By your great grandchildren. And, I believe, by The Greatest Judge of All.

When you share information about my religion that is false, or promote lies about the things I hold sacred, you’re implicating ME… a Muslim (one of billions) who has dedicated her life to God and to doing right by my fellow humans.

And that’s one hell of a mistake.

Don’t say no one ever told you.