Re-Mosquing Like a Boss | Hindtrospectives

A couple weeks ago I attended a pre-Ramadan Open House at the mosque closest to my house. It’s an annual event, and my family has attended for the past few years along with dozens of other Muslims from our city to host non-Muslim guests (including local dignitaries). The event features a lecture about the meaning of Ramadan, a Q&A session with a panel of Imams, an opportunity to observe Muslims in prayer, and of course, dinner.

As I sat this year in the large multi-purpose hall of the mosque in a mixed-gender setting, listening to a cross-section of outstanding Muslims from my community talk about Islam and answering questions, my heart felt like it would burst. I was so proud of us, and of what we’ve become. That feeling of being in love with my community is something I am truly thankful for these days.

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