SXSWi Panel | March 13, 2016 |American Muslim Media: Taking Back Our Narrative


SXSW is almost here…  and this year I have a panel!

If you’re going to be at the festival, be sure to come see me and my fellow panelists speaking on American Muslim Media: Taking Back Our Narrative. The panel is only open to SXSW badge holders, but even if you’re not able to make it you can follow along on Twitter during the panel with our official hashtag!

American Muslims make up less than 2% of the total population in America, yet through social media we have been able to impact American society socially, economically and politically; as well as reclaim our narrative from mainstream media outlets who have chosen to focus on negative examples of American Muslims or lump us in with Muslims from various other societies. This panel of American Muslim media professionals will discuss how they have used these platforms to promote understanding of Muslims, build tolerance and promote positive work being done by their community.

Hashtags: #sxsw #USmuslims

You can also follow me and the other panelists on Twitter, which you should do because we are AWESOME:

I’ll be blogging the conference this year here at the DarkMatter Digital Media blog, too. So stay tuned!