The Party I Want.

There are a few axioms I work with in politics:

1. You can’t legislate human decency
2. You can’t force people to change their minds
3. Laws are changed through precedents
4. Laws are changed over time
5. Politics, by it’s nature, requires compromise

The problem I see with the left is that they are trying to use politics as a vehicle for changing people’s minds and hearts. This is a mistake. Leave that to social justice activists and clergy. ┬áIn fact, laws are often passed when a large percentage of people aren’t comfortable/happy about them. That’s ok. We don’t need everyone’s buy in.

ERGO, spending all our time arguing with detractors and trying to convince people that you are deserving of equal rights is a waste of time.

I have a pretty clinical view of the political process. I can easily sit at a table with someone who genuinely thinks that my religion is a threat to western civilization and work with them on an unrelated issue where I know I can make an important impact. And I can walk away knowing that I contributed to the progress of my society.

What pisses me off to no end is when someone sees me do that and calls me a sellout. Idealogical purity tests have no place in the American political process. I am looking for a political home that sees the long game, knows how to make strategic wins, and treats politics like POLITICS instead of group therapy.